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Lead Pipe Replacement Crew Equipment
Lead Pipe Replacement Crew Equipment
Hydro Excavation in Wisconsin

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Lead and Galvanized Pipe Replacement Company in Wisconsin
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Established in 2006, Van Rite Plumbing is a leader in replacing water and sanitary laterals throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Our skilled team has safely completed over 1,500 water and sanitary services for homeowners from Oconto to Port Washington.


Hydro Excavation

Van Rite Plumbing provides hydro excavation services to construction companies, utility companies, municipalities and more than need to excavate areas will protecting utility lines and causing less environmental disruption. This technique is safer than manual or mechanical digging and requires less backfill, labor, and restoration.

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Hydro Excavation Company in Green Bay
Trenchless Lead and Galvanized Pipe Replacement in Wisconsin

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Van Rite Plumbing offers trenchless water and sewer pipe replacement services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We save our customers time and money, and reduce the hassles caused by traditional excavation.

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Pipe Bursting

Van Rite Plumbing offers pipe bursting services to replace existing sewer and water pipes for homeowners, municipalities and businesses. Pipe bursting works by breaking up old pipe and simultaneously installing pipe in its place.

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Pipe Bursting Company in Wisconsin
Directional Drilling in Northeast Wisconsin

Directional Drilling

Van Rite Plumbing offers directional drilling services for installing pipes, cables, and utility lines underground with minimal disturbance to the ground above compared to traditional excavation and trenching.

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Where We Work

Van Rite Plumbing has been trusted by municipalities, homeowners and businesses for their water, sewer, and drilling needs.

We serve customers within a 1-hour drive of Green Bay, WI. Use this interactive map to see some of the cities where we’ve worked in the past 5 years.