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Sewer lateral televising

If you have ever had water back up into your basement or feel like your sewer does not drain well, your first step is to get your lateral inspected.  With CCTV (closed circuit television), we can send a camera into your lateral to inspect what may be causing blockages. 

  • Clay or cast-iron material has collapsed or offset
  • Tree roots have grown into the lateral joints
  • Build up of grease or other debris
  • Cracks in the lateral material
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Our televising service is available for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal utilities.
How can this service be utilized?
Water lateral televising
Lead service inventory

The EPA is requiring that all municipalities in states with high amounts of lead and galvanized water services take inventory of all public and private laterals.  In some cases, laterals can have a union to copper or HDPE material.  If that is the case, those services can potentially be mis-labeled as not needing replacement.  These unions can occur anywhere in the lateral.  This service can be used to determine if there are lead or galvanized sections in the lateral without disturbing property with unnecessary excavation.

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Failures in water laterals can and will occur.  We can televise water laterals down to ¾” with our cameras.
Commercial & industrial
Water is an absolute necessity to keep a business running and downtime is costly.  With this service we can pinpoint where failures occur and determine what is the best course of action and most cost effective repair.