Case study


Case Study
Fast and Clean

lead & galvanized steel service line replacements

Van Rite Plumbing has successfully worked with the City of Manitowoc for many years. We have replaced over 250 lead and lead and galvanized service lines in the Manitowoc area since 2017. Van Rite Plumbing can install new water and sanitary services within one day, and homeowners experience minimal disruption.

  • Water Services
  • Sanitary Services
  • Lead Pipe Replacement
  • Galvanized Steel Pipe Replacement
  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Directional Drilling
Hugh Foster

Hear from the homeowner

"I'm kissing close to 78 years old. I have had lots of contractors and workers on my property over 49 years. Some will never be invited back even if they are the only guy in town. I have never had a crew here that was as neat, tidy and organized as yours Every man on the team who worked here should be complimented. Such endeavors are noticed. Even the bosses who insist on such neat workmanship deserve compliments. VERY VERY GOOD! Thank you!”