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Directional Drilling
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Efficient Underground Installations

Van Rite Plumbing offers directional drilling services for homeowners and business, in Green Bay and beyond, that want to install underground pipes, cable, natural gas lines, or electrical lines without the disruption and clean up of traditional excavation.

With our horizontal drilling equipment and techniques, we can install your water/sewer pipes or utility services beneath roads, driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping.

service Breakdown

We start by drilling a small pilot hole along a path from one point to another. Then, the bore created while drilling the pilot hole is made large enough to install the new pipeline. Then, the new pipeline is pulled through the enlarged hole and is exposed above the ground at the start and end points of the path. This trenchless method is fast, accurate and causes less disruption than traditional excavation and trenching. Plus, it s more cost effective!
Horizontal Drilling Expertise

Precise installations

We are professionals you can trust to show up with the right equipment, plan and team to complete your project on time and on budget. Contact us to learn more about our horizontal directional drilling services.