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Hydro Excavation in Green Bay

Minimal Destruction

Green Bay's
Hydro Excavation Experts

At Van Rite Plumbing, we prioritize both effectiveness and care with our hydro excavation services. We harness the power of pressurized water to disrupt soil and simultaneously vacuum the debris into a truck-mounted tank. This method is a step above manual or mechanical digging—it’s safer, causes minimal landscape disturbance, and preserves the environment by safeguarding tree roots. Opt for our hydro excavation services and witness the decrease in backfill, labor, and restoration needs, paving the way for a cleaner, safer Green Bay.

  • Potholing or Daylighting Buried Utility Lines
  • Trenching
  • Support Directional Drilling
  • Create Test Holes
  • Excavate Window Wells
  • Foundation Excavating
  • Water Service Inventory
  • Gas Utility


Trust Van Rite Plumbing, your local Green Bay professionals, equipped and ready to execute your project with precision and efficiency. Connect with us today to discuss your hydro excavation needs and receive a tailored quote. We’re committed to delivering on time, within budget, every time.

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