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Trenchless Sewer and Water Pipe Replacement in Green Bay


Trenchless Water Pipe Replacement In Green Bay

If you’re facing a sudden leak or considering the replacement of your property’s outdated plumbing, you might expect a stressful and messy ordeal. However, trenchless plumbing technology is here to change that perception, transforming what could be a disruptive and expensive process into a swift and cost-efficient solution.

VanRite specializes in trenchless water line repair and replacement, offering solutions that tackle those hard-to-reach plumbing issues with minimal fuss. Our approach ensures minimal disruption, meaning your property’s aesthetic won’t be compromised during the process.

install sewer & water separately OR together

We have the option to install sewer and water systems either separately or together. In certain situations, only one of them may experience issues, and in such cases, it is usually more cost-effective to address that particular problem instead of both at once.



Say goodbye to the aftermath of traditional excavation, which entails repaving driveways, re-planting grass, and replacing landscaping—a hidden cost burden. With us, enjoy the convenience of same-day installation for your new sewer and water pipes, minimizing your time living in a construction zone.

How it Works
Trenchless Solutions for Efficient Service


VanRite Plumbing offers trenchless water pipe replacement in Green Bay. Upon arrival at your site, we assess the pipe layout and seamlessly replace your existing pipe while installing the new one through the technique known as pipe bursting. When it comes to installing new pipe, we utilize the pipe pulling method, eliminating concerns about existing pipes.

We specialize in replacing lead, galvanized steel, copper, and orangeburg pipes commonly found in Green Bay. With our state-of-the-art trenchless machines, well-honed processes, and extensive expertise, we ensure minimal disruption to your landscape, driveways, or sidewalks.

Once the pipe replacement is complete, we swiftly connect your sewer and/or water pipes, restoring your service to its full functionality.

Sewer Pipe Solutions

Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement in Green Bay

VanRite Plumbing in Greenbay specializes in trenchless sewer line replacement using an effective pipe bursting technique. We establish two compact entry points, replace the old pipeline with a new plastic pipe equipped with tracer wire. Then, carefully refill and mend the entry points using a hydraulic winch. Our services guarantee minimal interference to your property and enhance sewer efficiency without any visible signs of intervention.

Pipe Bursting Sewer Line Replacement

Unlike the old-school methods that involve a lot of digging up, our approach to fixing sewer lines through pipe bursting keeps your yard, driveways, and walkways almost as good as untouched. This technique not only helps keep your property looking great but also lowers the time and costs linked to sewer line repair.


Experience our efficient one-day service in Green Bay, where we install new service line pipes without any disturbance to your property.